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At the end of July......

It’s not unusual this time of year (when the mosquitoes are fierce and the temperatures are high) for me to start dreaming about next year‘s garden. Sure, there are plenty more flowers to cut, weeds to pull and watering to do in this year’s garden but the next growing season is right around the corner. I recently took a walk with a good friend in her neighborhood and came around the corner and saw the most beautiful blooming shrub cascading over a brick wall. It was so beautiful that it literally took my breath away (the heat may have contributed to that reaction)! I went online to try to figure out the name of this mysterious beauty. I discovered that it was a Snowcicle Oakleaf Hydrangea. I have ordered one and expect it to arrive this fall. I am sure it will take a while before mine becomes as gorgeous as the one in this photo (taken in Church Hill, Richmond, Virginia). I can’t wait to add them to my arrangements…..can’t wait to share its beauty with you.

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